Friday, December 23, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 3, Episode 4 “Live from Paris, It’s Emily Cooper” (B)

I’m glad that Emily being a waitress in France, where the customer most definitely is not right, didn’t last very long. As is typically the case, Emily got off pretty much without consequences, almost killing someone because she thought “champignons” meant “champagne” and not mushrooms, but that’s the way things seem to work for someone who’s able to quit her job in a foreign country and spend all of her time on lavish leisure activities. She was even able to pass along the deck she had made for the pet filter to Luc and Julien, who were kind enough to give her credit to their unamused boss Sylvie, who was under the impression that Emily was back in Chicago. Camille’s mother acted swiftly to ensure that Emily wouldn’t be spending all that much alone time with Gabriel, but that came at exactly the same time as, completely unsolicited, Camille’s client Sofia planted the idea of their being a passionate romance between the two of them. Knowing that Camille feels bad for breaking the pact she made with Emily means that Camille should try being honest now with Emily ahead of time so that whatever happens with Sofia doesn’t come back to haunt her. This relationship dynamic truly is puzzling since everyone’s moving on so quickly with new partners, and those who are happily coupled don’t seem to be doing a great job of maintaining a great work-life balance, thanks in no small part to picnics and ferris wheel sex during the day.

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