Friday, December 23, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 3, Episode 5 “Ooo La La Liste” (B-)

When we found out that Janine, the impossible-to-contact tastemaking journalist who Emily instantly realized was one of her followers, was Australian, I thought that she was going to end up only liking Emily and being put off by Sylvie’s constant condescension about how she’s not French and not serious. While it was true that Emily got the cover and Sylvie didn’t even end up making the list, that had more to do with Sylvie not being a newcomer, and she still got a write-up in the style section about her new company. That Gabriel also made the list was yet another sign of how these people don’t have real problems, and they’re able to become instantly famous with minimal effort time and time again. Similarly, of course Mindy knows Nicholas from boarding school, and the fact that he wanted to buy the love song Benoit wrote for her and was intent on asking her out even though she knew he had a boyfriend was enough to drive Benoit away, not even willing to stay on stage for the thunderous round of applause following their French performance of “Shallow.” Camille couldn’t resist the much more open advances of Sophia that she had hinted at during their last encounter, and of course Emily would be the one to see them when they were publicly making out on the rooftop. Bringing Sophia to meet Gabriel and then playing footsie under the table feels much worse than just sneaking around, and we’ll see how long that stays secret.

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