Sunday, December 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me (Season Finale)

Dead to Me: Season 3, Episode 10 “We’ve Reached the End”

I’m not sure this show could have offered up a more fitting finale, one that highlighted the friendship that Jen and Judy have built and how, despite its unfortunate origins, neither of them would have traded it for anything. Judy scaring away the Greeks when they were following them at the start was comical, but it was true that they couldn’t do much to her since she had little time left. That time was well-spent, and Judy got to embarrass Jen a few more times and then find a way to leave that didn’t feel too painful. Jen was able to go back without any consequences to her, though that final line of the episode suggests that things may be forever changed by her likely confession to Ben about having killed Steve. But Ben is such a nice guy and reacted so well to the news that he was going to be a father that he’ll likely get over it, even if it does take some time. It is nice, however, to see such a happy family, and to see how they’re constantly reminded of Judy, whether it’s because of the one thousand cranes she literally made or her daughter, who she didn’t name Jduy because she’s still Jen and thought that would have been creepy. Driving back to the United States in the reconstructed car also had its own meaning, and makes things feel quite circular in a good way. I’m sure it would have been nice to get to have season after season of this show, but I’m pretty satisfied, and I hope that these actors get deservedly recognized one last time when the Emmy nominations are announced this summer.

Series finale: B+
Series grade: B+
Season MVP: Linda Cardellini as Judy 
Season grade: B+
Series MVP: Linda Cardellini
Best Season: Season 2
Best Episode: “If Only You Knew

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