Saturday, December 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 3, Episode 8 “Fashion Victim” (B)

I had a feeling when this episode started that Pierre wasn’t actually dead but instead in some other state, which turned out to be the case when he was shown gleefully living it up in rehab with only a broken collarbone. Keeping the truth from him didn’t seem like a great idea since he was bound to find out some other way, but I appreciate that this whole thing didn’t play out as I expected it would. Sylvie tried to go around Nicholas by approaching his father to convince his son to delay Grégory’s appointment until Pierre was doing better, something she did forcefully by reminding him of the context in which they used to know each other. Nicholas was upset by that and emboldened to act anyway, and the way in which Emily and Sylvie teamed up to manufacture rumors of Pierre’s death so that he can return defiantly and reclaim his brand was enough to make Nicholas unwilling to work with them again. Mindy is kidding herself if she thinks that Nicholas and Emily not getting along professionally isn’t going to impact their personal relationship, though she also received a somewhat steely reception from Nicholas’ father that made mention right away of her own famous parent. Gabriel getting drunk and saying that he couldn’t help falling in love with Emily the moment he met her was definitely an overshare, and even though he now seems happy with Camille following her return from Greece, there’s no way Emily’s going to be able to let that go. Also, I feel like it’s impossible that 26 euros would be a strain when she spends so much on her outfits.

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