Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What I’m Watching: The L Word: Generation Q

The L Word: Generation Q: Season 3, Episode 3 “Quiz Show” (B+)

I’m glad to see that Gigi is okay since car crashes are very rarely a positive development for a character on any show. Her relationship with Dani, on the other hand, took a nosedive when her request for more time following her vision of Nat and the kids resulted in an immediate breakup and then an assault of oranges. It was fitting to have a callback to the Chart from the original series in an episode that combined so many past relationships in the same place in the most awkward of ways. Gigi and Nat may be getting back together, but it was their closeness that threatened Nat’s relationship with Alice, who was the focus of the show that Nat just decided to attend with her ex. And then Dani got invited by Sophie back to her place for comfort, which managed to shock the typically unflappable Finley and delighted Micah since he just wanted to join in on the feast and now felt okay doing so since it was no longer a date night. I wasn’t sure at first but soon recognized Joey Lauren Adams by her voice as Taylor the coffee lady, who is sure to become Alice’s new obsession even if she’s not into this fast-moving entertainment world. While Tess was home having an endearing, affirming moment with her unexpectedly lucid mother, Shane gave into temptation once again, and the fact that Sophie saw it happen means that it’s sure not to stay secret for that long. I was thrilled to see Carrie again and to not only see her move on romantically but also forge a friendship with a character who’s a perfect platonic match for her: Finley.

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