Tuesday, December 20, 2022

What I’m Watching: Tulsa King

Tulsa King: Season 1, Episode 6 “Stable” (B+)

I do not like the idea that Dwight’s actions back home in New York have now led to a completely innocent person - Tina’s husband - getting hurt for no reason. And Tina certainly won’t be happy when she discovers him and then blames her father entirely for stirring up violence. It’s also not as if hurting him is going to make Dwight any less likely to retaliate or be unpredictable, so they’re asking for more trouble. Watching his negotiating style with his newfound nemesis is indicative of how he almost looks for a fight wherever he goes. Pointing out that he wasn’t exactly Native American due to his very apparent Irish accent didn’t help ease the tension at all. Stacy went into protective mode as soon as she heard Dwight’s name mentioned by her informant, but she wasn’t able to do much to stop the FBI from being alerted to his activities. I’m glad that there was one silver lining on top of all of this, which was that, after enduring torment by the bikers and then having his place raided by the FBI, Dwight presented him with a truly kind gift: the contents of the safe he had so dreaded were now lost, smartly extracted from where they were just before they got seized. Dwight is going to have his hands full with wars on two fronts and fighting both the criminals and the law, and yet he’s still choosing now as the time to invest in a new business opportunity with Mitch.

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