Sunday, December 11, 2022

What I’m Watching: Home Economics

Home Economics: Season 3, Episode 10 “Santa Suit Rental, $25 Per Day” (B+)

There were certainly better ways for Connor to handle the news about his financial misfortune, like scaling back the trip to Aspen without lobster on a private helicopter and other methods of making it just a little bit less lavish. But he’s obviously used to success and this downturn was enough to put him in a destitute mood, and the way in which his hapless money manager played by Danny Pudi gave him the news was hardly helpful. Lupe printing out her resume also made things worse, though the fact that Connor still had the same astronomical sum he had lost meant that he’s not actually going to need to start living a low-key life anytime soon. Tom and Connor getting mistaken for each other was particularly entertaining for Lupe’s horrified reaction and Marina’s disgust, and “New Tom” is a fun phase that is sure not to last. Marina’s gift for her husband, who is neither sick nor dead, was actually quite sweet, and maybe looking at a framed poster of the New York Times Best Sellers List will inspire him to talk about it a little less. Denise got Marina quite worried when she obsessed over how attractive Santiago was and then deep-liked one of his pictures on Instagram, though of course that ended up becoming a much bigger deal than it needed to be. It was good to see Sarah back as Santa Claus at the end of the episode, even if she was terrified at the idea of having to play Monopoly with her brother.

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