Saturday, December 31, 2022

What I’m Watching: Tulsa King

Tulsa King: Season 1, Episode 7 “Warr Acres” (B+)

Chickie deciding to kill his father happened both very suddenly and very predictably, since he has been feeling particularly powerless for a long time and as if he can’t run things the way he wants. That’s absolutely not good news for Dwight, who has set up a legitimate operation that has his henchmen dutifully working from him and an associate who previously was extremely unhappy about working with him opening up about his own side scheme. Facing retribution from Chickie for his arrogant attitude will surely come soon, and the fact that he believes, apparently mistakenly, that Chickie had something to do with the brutal beating his son-in-law took, is only going to make things worse. It is intriguing to hear Tina talk so openly about the idea of moving to Tulsa, something her husband found quite startling given how much she hated him only recently. Roxy’s death was particularly hard to watch given how Caolan made her think she was safe right before he strangled her, and Stacy is going to go on the warpath even more now than after her angry confrontation with Dwight when their roles on different sides of the law became very clear. Choosing now as the time to go on a date with Margaret - she asked, as it happens - sets him up for another relationship that could be both beneficial and also potentially dangerous. Asking him what it felt like to kill someone was an unexpected but pointed question, one that reveals a certain degree of comfort with uncomfortable ideas.

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