Thursday, December 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris: Season 3, Episode 2 “What’s It All About” (B)

Things are actually looking up on all fronts, which is not what I would have predicted based on the way the previous episode ended. Madeline took Emily back without being too upset, under the circumstances, about her quitting without telling her, and Luc managed to be helpful again, this time on purpose, in attempting to matchmake their two bosses back together. Madeline might be willing to humble herself in the spirit of cooperation and because she realizes there’s no other choice, but Sylvie won’t, and Madeline showing up in the same exact dress didn’t help matters at all. Antoine expressing that he would be happy to have his lawyers fight to be able to continue working with Sylvie was an intriguing development, but now she has her own competing offer of exclusivity that’s going to complicate things even more. The disappointment Luc and Julien expressed at her not having consulted them shows that they are undyingly loyal, which will surely benefit her in this new rocky environment. Alfie taking a job that kept him in Paris without telling Emily and instead keeping her best friends sworn to secrecy was bold and not terribly kind, and for her to have to suck up to him at the end of the episode with a musical performance didn’t quite feel right. Even Mindy’s fortunes are looking up now that her bandmates have accepted the solo job for her because they believe in her. Could things be going well in Paris for just about everyone?

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