Tuesday, December 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 3, Episode 7 “Can We Be Honest?” (B+)

Judy’s positivity in this episode was hardly unexpected, but that kind of happy thinking in a time of crisis doesn’t always lead to good results. But Judy did end up focusing on Jen a little too much at a time when she was miserable looking at her stomach and vomiting, and Judy’s carefully thought-out home wine tasting was a humorously terrible gift. I was happy to see Suzy Nakamura back as Karen since the actress has spent this season playing the kind of person who would detest Karen on “Avenue 5” as Iris. When Jen did finally throw off the poncho and come clean with Judy, we saw the most honest reaction we’ve had from the eternal optimist in a while, which was to just jump in the pool and scream underwater. Once she was able to process her feelings, it seemed like she had gone to tell Ben that Jen was pregnant, but instead it was just to explain that Steve killed Ted, something that was made all the worse by the fact that Ben was apparently in the back of the car during that fateful ride. Charlie being arrested would have been a very bad thing, but it didn’t feel much better for Ben to be the one taken away at the end of the episode by a powerless Perez and a more resolute Nick. Charlie throwing an iPad at Henry’s nose felt like the most normal thing that’s happened to this family in a while, and at least Charlie is hopefully not going to find himself in any legal trouble for his association with Ben anytime soon.

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