Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What I’m Watching: The White Lotus

The White Lotus: Season 2, Episode 6 “Abductions” (B+)

I like when characters specifically mention gaslighting rather than just fall victim to it, and, by the end of this episode, it was Ethan who was going crazy and not Harper, who had managed to alleviate her concerns about her husband’s dependability either by reassurance that he was a good guy or by getting her own revenge, as recommended by Daphne. Telling the whole truth is always the best option, and Ethan could have avoided a lot of this by just throwing his friend under the bus for not having paid Lucia and Mia. The Di Grasso expedition to find their long-lost relatives did not go particularly well, and now Albie is going to do something stupid to try to “free” Lucia from her current arrangement. Tanya had one hell of a night which ended in sex while she was very high, and apparently her being recorded. I wasn’t on board with these theories about Greg being involved in something, but that photo looked a lot like him. Jack is also becoming less and less appealing by the moment, but Portia, who pretty much knows by now that he’s not Quentin’s nephew, is not making much of an effort to do anything about it or get the hell out of there. When I had a lovely interview with Sabrina Impaccatiore last week, she did mention that this was a big episode for Valentina, and she did do fine dramatic work as she got her heart broken by a truly well-meaning and clueless Isabella and then let her guard down to enjoy a wild night with Mia.

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