Sunday, December 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 4, Episode 3 “Nostalgia Patrol” (B+)

I would love to spend time in the writers’ room of this show, though I imagine it’s also a weird and terrifying place. I knew right away, as I’m sure most other viewers did too, that the Rita Farr retrospective was not a real event that would be happening and would lead to nefarious consequences. Rita sitting alone in a row with a bunch of popcorns waiting for her fans to show up was a sad sight, and then things got trippy when first she and then the rest of the team got pulled into her old movies. I recognized Sendhil Ramamurthy from “Heroes” as the man known as Not Oliver as Mr. 104 whose allegiances kept shifting, and emotional vampire Dr. Janus was definitely a formidable villain. Though she was able to escape without falling victim to the green gas that sucked everyone else into the screen, Rouge got too bent out of shape when the file on Dr. Janus was entirely redacted, and so it was up to an unexpected ally to show up to save the day, which will certainly give Larry plenty to ponder as he’s been destitute about the recent behavior of his young celestial tenant. Immortus rising does not sound like a good thing, and even if this team doesn’t have to face physical enemies, their internal demons will be enough to get them. There was something very poignant about Vic having powerful conversations while playing laser tag, and while his visit home wasn’t what he hoped it would be, it’s sure to give him a lot to consider also.

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