Tuesday, December 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol (Season Premiere)

Doom Patrol: Season 4, Episode 1 “Doom Patrol” (B+)

I’m always so happy when this show comes back, and knowing that it’s now made it to a fourth season gives me great joy since it’s hardly a conventional series. Facing a “buttpocalypse” is not something I would expect from any other show, yet somehow it feels right here. The notion that the team’s future ghost selves think so little of the past versions of them that they would burst out in laughter at the concept of them fixing things if they knew what was going to happen makes sense given what we’ve seen, but I’m glad to see that, in keeping with their typical style, they’re not about to listen to anyone who tries to tell them what they should do. After experiencing regular torment from a vindictive and unforgiving Rita, Rouge did exactly what she needed to do in order to distract Vic so that they could bring him back to the present, much to Rita’s chagrin since she’s filled with such hatred for her eternally penitent colleague. Having Dr. Harrison take charge of Jane’s body is interesting because she’s able to offer an unfeeling diagnosis of each of the team members, hardly as kind as the Chief’s attempts to mold them into the people they needed to become. The fact that they’re able to keep their memories while time-traveling thanks to the jellyfish on their heads is hilariously bizarre, and I like that Cliff’s main goal at the moment is to not touch anything besides the oven mitt with his new hand before he gets the chance to hold his grandson, an eventuality that seems less and less likely by the minute.

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