Friday, November 25, 2011

What I’m Watching: Terra Nova

Terra Nova: Season 1, Episode 8 “Vs.” (C)

As I see it, this show is currently suffering from three major problems, all evidenced strongly in this episode. The first is a complete and total lack of stakes. The extent of Boylan’s torture is the blaring of a siren and the spiking of his food, which leads to his being released with no charges despite the fact that he was indisputably communicating directly with a known enemy. Secondly, the web of characters is far too small, and it leads to far too much silliness and constantly shifting loyalties. Malcolm’s discovery of Elisabeth’s mystery skeleton has him reporting her to Taylor moments later, and then the dragonfly flies directly to Jim’s home. After Jim is released, Mark, the arresting officer, has to ask him if he’s allowed to dance with his daughter, to which he politely agrees. Zoe getting the lead in the Harvest Festival play isn’t much of a surprise, considering the fact that Maddy is somehow the director. Where is this show’s lone interesting character, Skye, when we need her? Thirdly, a dragonfly with a chip in it is interesting and all, but where are the dinosaurs? It can’t be that advanced if Taylor was able to replicate a signal so swiftly to try to frame Jim, and watching Mark, Alicia, Taylor, and Malcolm awkwardly chasing the dragonfly around camp was almost comical. The flashback to Taylor’s mentor arriving was helpful only in that it establishes that he was telling the truth, and I’m not sure what to make of the shot of Lucas watching the fireworks at episode’s end since, like much in this episode, it provides us so with little to new no information.

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