Monday, November 2, 2015

What I’m Watching: Casual

Casual: Season 1, Episode 5 “Dick Pic” (B+)

I really like how this show handles its storylines, using its characters to make what could be more predictable, less serious directions much more valid. Laura connecting with her grandmother and her open marriage of sorts was interesting, and Laura was the only one remotely open to talking to Dawn. Alex and Valerie both expressed a similar misery with having to deal with her, though they both later connected in a more enduring way. Dawn revealing that she had spoken to Drew hit Valerie just as hard as Laura seeing her father and his new girlfriend. I love that Valerie marched right over to the home of the man who had been sending her dick pics all day and proceeded to tell him all about her marriage woes and recommend that he should lead with his nice face in the future. Michael taking Laura to a gas station to take pictures was a relatively safe activity, and sending her an honest photograph taken of her gave her just the boost she needed. No lines have been crossed yet, though I’m sure that’s going to happen every soon. Of course Alex’s visit to a strip club, complete with an easily influenced Leon, would lead to Alex debating with a stripping about being a good mother and having issues and Leon sharing a beer with the stripper who was supposed to enthrall him. Getting excited about the one new match he got was an affirming ending, coupled with Valerie marching in to her former home to tell Drew that she’s finally ready to sell.

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