Monday, November 2, 2015

What I’m Watching: Limitless

Limitless: Season 1, Episode 6 “Side Effects May Include…” (B)

This show’s plot is certainly taking off, and unfortunately experiencing side effects means that Brian isn’t having as much fun taking NZT and reaping its benefits. I guess that’s partially meant to frame his current situation in a more dramatic light with consequences for, quite literally, taking a mind-altering drug on a regular basis. Reaching out to Senator Morra directly was a bold but effective move, although it seems like he always expected him not to frame Rebecca and get her sent to jail, well aware that Mr. Sands doesn’t have the purity of intention that both he and Brian have. I think that if the role of Morra had been recast, this would be a different show since we would see more of him, while Bradley Cooper’s fame and busy schedule mean that he won’t be stopping by too much and therefore has to be several degrees removed so that this appearances are rare and worthy of hype. Regardless of the reasons that she ended up both in her job and on the red team, Rebecca is full of good ideas. Turning down a meeting with the director was a risky move, but it seems that her extracurricular activities are less secret than she thought. Naz discussing Rebecca’s father with her shows that she’s an unexpected sort of ally, though obviously any probing into the NZT trials leads down a dangerous road, as evidenced by Sands blowing up the home of the doctor who had just received a courtesy NZT tablet from a generous Brian.

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