Sunday, May 1, 2016

What I’m Watching: Blindspot

Blindspot: Season 1, Episode 18 “One Begets Technique” (B+)

This was actually a pretty solidly enthralling episode, bringing back one of this show’s more eccentric guest characters for an even more volatile second round. We last saw Rich Dotcom when he was fully in his element, hosting a party, and it seemed like that was far from the case after he got beaten up for cheating at cards in prison and then made a desperate offer to save his life. Purposely leaving out the fact that he didn’t actually have the paintings he was ready to trade to prepare his plan was highly devious, and it was impressive that the team managed to pull off the extraction of the paintings given the odds stacked against them. It was almost inevitable that Rich would end up going in undercover with Jane since he thought Allison looked so much like a cop and that Weller wasn’t even a consideration. Things got serious very fast, and the presence of the ISI meant that they escalated and, within moments, Rich was outside prepared to jump. Seeing a parachute deploy was a surprise, and he really managed to outsmart everyone and stage an incredible getaway. I imagine he’ll be back to tangle with the team again. Bethany deciding to move forward with her new relationship couldn’t have been more poorly-timed since her beloved Sofia, presumed to be dead, showed up seconds later in her the back seat of her car. Bethany having her own secrets help to make this show more complex and intriguing.

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