Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Making History

Making History: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Godfriender” (B+)

I had almost completely forgotten about this show since it only aired five episodes before taking a three-week hiatus. I sincerely hope that, especially in light of the cancellation of one of my other favorite new series this week, that this one will be renewed and that we’ll get to experience and enjoy more of this absurd time travel for years to come. This episode started out with our friend stranded back in time and held captive by Al Capone, who really just wants friends more than anything. I like that he got shot in the leg six times before he realized that he didn’t need to actually have a loaded gun as part of his loyalty test. To be fair, Dan probably should have shot him first before declaring his friendship with Chris, who knew exactly what to do when he got in the duffel, went back to the present, and then returned with a weapon to subdue Al. Deborah’s excitement at fighting with Al’s wife like men was funny, and her Scarface imitation wasn’t all that bad. After all that business with the ice cream parlor owner in previous episodes, I had expected them to return to a present overrun with mobsters thanks to Dan coaching Al in how to effectively run the mafia. The important thing we did learn was that, in this show’s understanding of time travel, however long you’re gone in the past is the same amount of time that passes in the present. I don’t think there was ever much serious risk of Chris getting tenure with Dan in his life, but that’s definitely not happening now.

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