Saturday, February 20, 2021

Round Two: Clarice

Clarice: Season 1, Episode 2 “Ghosts of Highway 20” (B-)

It seems like we’re headed into very familiar territory here, constantly following this young FBI agent who always knows better than everyone else and yet isn’t trusted because she’s too inexperienced. At least Krendler seemed open to letting her try to succeed by pretending he couldn’t hear her on the radio and then rescinding the request to have her transferred. Encountering a militia like this reminded me very much of a season of “Homeland” and the more recent “Manhunt: Deadly Games,” and I didn’t feel that there was much in the way of satisfying setup with Tim Guinee’s Novak before Clarice was suddenly just in there and trusted not to be actively working to subvert him. She seemed to enjoy the opportunity to point out to him that he wasn’t the respectable hero he thought he was in the story she was telling, and her readiness to put on makeup to convince him that she had put effort into her appearance wasn’t matched by her general energy or communication level. I don’t know why Krendler thinks that she won’t pull similarly dangerous stunts in the future, but at least he’s starting to appreciate her value and that she does know what she’s doing. I liked the honesty that came from Clarke in his conversation with Clarice about how she would have handled a situation she wasn’t in, and I’m hopeful that we’ll see a greater acceptance of different experiences as this show continues and tackles more complex and interesting storylines.

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