Saturday, February 20, 2021

What I’m Watching: B Positive

B Positive: Season 1, Episode 8 “Integration Therapy” (B+)

I was excited at the notion of Drew running into Julia while out and about on a self-described date with Toni Morrison, though all that did was make him feel sad that he wasn’t included in a birthday party for one of the people who used to be friends with both of them. Fortunately, it did spur Gina into action and result in a party that started out less than terrifically but turned out to be great in the end. Serving her beer was a creative way to enliven things, and I like that Drew forcing them to stay after a natural break ended up being an unexpectedly wonderful opportunity for them to open up and bond in a sincere way. I most appreciated that Gina was upset when Drew indicated that he didn’t think they’d stay friends after the transplant, and, as always, he found the perfect way to make it up to her. Getting a car for her that he termed as a loan so that they would always need to find a reason to get together each month no matter where they were in their lives at that point was very sweet. I liked the way that she referred to Drew as her first “vegetable friend” to mix in with her junk food friends. Of the dialysis crew that we now got to know a little better, Samantha remains the most interesting with her biting sarcasm and general unfriendliness, and I think I’d rank the sympathetic, well-meaning Jerry as my second-favorite.

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