Thursday, February 25, 2021

What I’m Watching: Resident Alien

Resident Alien: Season 1, Episode 5 “Love Language” (B+)

I was pretty excited at the start of this episode to be meeting the real Harry, who it turns out is considerably more social than the alien inhabiting his skin and infinitely more adept at reading nonverbal communication. I couldn’t figure out who it was playing his wife, and some brief research indicates that Elvy Yost, who is American, is probably most recognizable to me from her role on the short-lived and underrated ABC series “The Catch.” I like that she just showed up and took his bedroom, and that she didn’t hesitate to break the lock with a hammer so that she could find out just what he was trying to hide (which of course she didn’t). Bonding with Darcy was a fun subplot, especially after Harry had to apologize to her for saying something mean so that he could distract her long enough to steal her coffee. It’s probably better that Darcy simply shrugged when she saw that Isabelle was at Harry’s house and put everything together, and I imagine that her “waste of deodorant” isn’t going to be the last time that she tries to pursue this guy who isn’t nearly as interested in her as she is in him. I was most thrilled that Max and Sahar banded together after their latest legitimate effort to out Harry failed to hold their breath so that they could force him into a truce, and that they enjoyed trading questions about their curiosities regarding each other’s species. Jay discovering that Asta is her mother didn’t go well, and Mike is so intent on this serial killer theory that he’s never going to listen to anything that Liv says. I’m intrigued to see what will happen when Liv learns information that points to Harry, who Mike might just dislike enough to pursue as a suspect.

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