Thursday, February 11, 2021

Take Three: Resident Alien

Resident Alien: Season 1, Episode 3 “Secrets” (B+)

The threat of Harry being found out for who he is continues to become more severe, but everyone in town seems willing to look past such obvious peculiarities that he actually seems to be safe. Hiding the body of the real Harry under packs of bison meat which Mike assumed was the reason that the dog was going so crazy made the issue of finding the body a non-starter, though I’m sure he’ll still find ways to make himself seem suspicious. You’d think that D’Arcy might have found something when she went snooping around his house, but she’s trying too hard to work through her feelings about him to notice anything unusual. I love that Max is finding creative ways to get under Harry’s skin, taunting him for the things he doesn’t understand about humans, and that he has a new friend who, even though she doesn’t see Harry’s true form, still believes that Max isn’t lying. Asta and D’Arcy ending up at a high school party was an unfortunate mistake, and it’s informative to see the friendship between those two, which involves a different level of comfort than Asta shows when she’s at work trying to digest Harry’s latest faux-pas. Mike’s worldview continues to be entertaining, decrying political correctness and celebrating the discovery of a serial killer rather than a mere murderer. The cowboy whose hat Harry stole when he first landed met a violent end after he tried to share his stories with allegedly likeminded hikers, and I’m curious if those are human operatives trying to suppress knowledge of the existence of aliens or members of Harry’s species intent on keeping a lid on their presence.

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