Saturday, February 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 4 “New Car, New Job, New Jean” (B)

Sometimes the things that Jean doesn’t quite understand about the world feel a bit far-fetched, like the fact that her new car would be completely voice-controlled when that really wasn’t the case at all. Being completely unaware of why she had a terrible passenger rating on a rideshare service was also a stretch given her obviously invasive behavior. I like the rapport she and Danny have developed that now finds him hiding from her when he thinks that she wants a ride, and that he was able to help her figure out that she needed to set boundaries for her kids. They did slide right back into a comfortable mode when they kept showing up to have Jean do their laundry and make them dinner, guilting her into playing games when she really needed to do work. I can appreciate her enthusiasm about having just her children there with her, though she definitely likes Lane a lot more than Celia, who she’s not shy about mocking even if Freddie just doesn’t seem to get it. Lane was awfully enthusiastic about volunteering to drive Jean to work until she got a car, and he quickly saw the error of his ways. Since this show does like to have a dramatic undercurrent, it was helpful that Jean was able to transfer the feelings she was having about her kids doing things for themselves and use them to motivate a startled and somewhat scared Connor into action, earning her a well-needed positive review from his parents to encourage Amy to see the value she brings to the table.

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