Tuesday, February 16, 2021

What I’m Watching: Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer: Season 2, Episode 4 “A Single Trade” (B-)

In a sense, it’s hard to imagine people revering Wilford when he is so clearly temperamental and only interested in himself, revealing a darker side whenever anyone pushes him. But, then again, I think our previous president is a great comparison, inspiring loyal followers but also turning on them the moment he thinks that they haven’t demonstrated complete fidelity. Loudly offering up a bet that Melanie wouldn’t be successful was an example of him trying to wield his power and influence, and he wasn’t happy that things did seem to be progressing well for the moment. His weak spots are definitely Miss Audrey and Alex, who are capable of controlling him and subverting him to serve their own purposes. Alex got her friend to come along for the fancy outing on Snowpiercer, and then she snuck away with LJ to enjoy the lighter experience she doesn’t usually get to have as both surrogate daughter and effective number two to Wilford aboard Big Alice. I’ve never been particularly interested in Tess’ personal life, but at least it’s good that she’s letting off steam by finding an outlet for her stress. Zara joining hospitality is probably productive, and maybe Ruth will be able to prove her trustworthiness and that she’s capable of doing the job she currently has even if she does respect Wilford. Josie being taken to Big Alice for treatment seems like it could be a dangerous move, but I think that, unless there’s something sinister about the way that her burns are healed, it’s ultimately going to be something positive since she’ll never be convinced by anyone to switch her loyalty.

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