Sunday, February 7, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dickinson

Dickinson: Season 2, Episode 7 “Forever - is composed of Nows” (B+)

I would say that there are two things that I’m pushing for right now on this show, and they both took small steps to get there in this episode. The first is for Emily to appreciate the way that Lavinia wants to be close with her and reciprocate some of that interest in her sister’s life, and while that didn’t quite happen, Lavinia did reach Emily by noting that she would never say she was fine if she truly meant it. Sue wasn’t excited when Emily tried to disrupt her calm vibe and talk to her during their spa trip, and I still think there’s hope for the two of them to reunite, especially if Emily sees that Samuel is truly hot-and-cold and possibly just cozying up to her family so that he can get her father’s investment. Giving him all of her poems was a shock, but I think she’s just trying to just go for it. It was a rare pleasure to see Mrs. Dickinson notice that her daughter wasn’t doing well and to literally fight her way out of her restrictive wrap to try to help her without judging her. It was good to see George too since he was always an affable and energetic character. The other major moment is one we’ve been expecting for a while, which is that Jane and Austin kissed after Jane for some reason thought that the logical choice to take her baby in the event of her untimely death would be him. I’m not sure Sue will care too much even if she’s initially angry, and hopefully it will push her back into Emily’s arms since those two have much more in common than she and her current husband do.

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