Monday, February 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Me Kat

Call Me Kat: Season 1, Episode 5 “Cake” (B-)

I like that this show is addressing the romantic tension between Kat and Max, having them discuss it in a way that’s blunt and honest rather than leading Kat on as she continues to hope that Max will eventually notice her. She was bold to tell him about the dream where they were flying through the air together, and he was trying to give her the closure she needed with a perfectly platonic kiss. The cat-cam was helpful in revealing and recording Max’s true feelings, which are that, at least for now, he just thinks of Kat as a friend. Fortunately, that may change, especially because he’s now started having his own dreams that cause him to wake up feeling utterly confused. The cake plotline wasn’t as creative as I might have hoped, reminiscent of a stronger effort by “Will and Grace” a few years ago that flipped the typical narrative and found Grace defending a customer’s right to have a baker make them what they requested, only to learn that it was supposed to say MAGA. Labeling the café as homophobic because the gay baker there didn’t want to bake his ex’s wedding cake was a bit aimless, and just a little bit of research could have cleared up the situation and made Lane aware of who he was asking to make the cake. Even if it wasn’t the most worthwhile storyline, this show does at least feature supportive characters who are able to comfort each other when they see that they’re dealing with something rough.

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