Wednesday, February 10, 2021

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 5, Episode 7 “There” (B)

I’m not always sure why this show needs to manipulative viewers into thinking that something far more serious has occurred than it seems since it doesn’t add much. In this case, I suppose that the wallet lying on the side of the road with Kevin’s license was all that mattered, and it was still important because it meant that Kevin was going to be trapped at the airport without a way to get on that flight. I was curious to see Joshua Malina from “The West Wing,” “Scandal,” and a recent guest spot on “Shameless” as the man in the car, and I wonder whether he’ll be back again in a more expanded role. This really was a Kevin-centric episode, with him so focused on being a good father after his own experiences with Jack and the comparisons to the way Stanley abused him. Jack taking Kevin out to a steak dinner together once he found out that Coach Stikes kept calling him stupid was a solid parenting move, one that showed to his son that he really did value him no matter what he decided to do with his life. It’s definitely a different approach than Stanley forcing Jack to drive home as a teenager when he dared to question his ability to do so while drunk. I did enjoy the fact that it was Miguel on the other end of the phone who was researching countless flight options to get Kevin back to Madison in time, which is hopefully something that will happen if his celebrity persona impresses someone more senior than the TSA agent who didn’t want to let him through without an ID.

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