Saturday, February 20, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Me Kat

Call Me Kat: Season 1, Episode 8 “All Nighter” (B-)

This show tends to veer towards the over-the-top more than I’d like to see, and a lot of what happened in this half-hour felt unnecessary silly. There’s no reason that Randi should have even entertained the idea of going out all night with Kat and Phil, though I guess that’s part of the nature of their relationship, that she’s not able to say no to them the same way that they’re not able to say no to her when she pushes something that isn’t quite in their wheelhouse. They performed as expected, but it was nice to see them bond while doing absurd things like falling into literal freshly-dug graves. Kat meeting someone who might actually be a good romantic fit was a nice surprise, and he did a great job of flirting back with her by pointing out that everything she was saying fit the bill for typical stalker talk. Randi being so preoccupied with Daniel not caring about what she was doing when she had a night away from him led to the left-field invitation for her to move in with him, a decision that feels pretty rushed given the seemingly casual nature of their relationship thus far. We haven’t seen much of her home life, so maybe it makes sense that she’d be willing to make such a major decision after she was worried that he might not be right for her, something that does happen to people doubting the strength of their connections thanks to a grand gesture.

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