Monday, February 15, 2021

What I’m Watching: Your Honor (Series Finale)

Your Honor: Season 1, Episode 10 “Part Ten” (C+)

I’m struggling to figure out what the point of all this has been, especially since there were so many elements, like Robin’s affair, that were introduced last-minute and not sufficiently explored that make me think it should have been a longer series, but I’m also not sure what that would have accomplished. This was basically an opportunity for Bryan Cranston to play the most arrogant, self-aggrandizing judge who constantly gave speeches about the power of the law and his oath to uphold it while constantly manipulating a system he knew so well to disenfranchise the truth so that he could save his son. Lee figured out what was going on and wasn’t impressed when he tried to make himself a hero for loving himself less than he loved his son, and she was right to slap him when he used that moment to remind her that he loved her. That Carlo could be found innocent after the cruel language he used towards Fiona and the mountain of evidence against him is absurd, and the idea that Michael would be completely free once the trial was over was foolish. Adam should never have been in the courtroom when the tape was played, and running out to use his inhaler while Gina was outside was enough to make it finally evident to seemingly the only people who didn’t yet know that it was him driving the car and not his father. The final scene was very dramatic, and I suppose it’s mostly meant to show that consequences can never be truly escaped. I think I would have liked this show more with the same characters but a different premise, and I’ll remember it as a decently watchable but not particularly enthralling show with a strong cast.

Series grade: B-
Series MVP: Carmen Ejogo as Lee and Lilli Kay as Fia

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