Saturday, February 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: Mr. Mayor

Mr. Mayor: Season 1, Episode 9 “#Palmtreereform” (B)

There always seems to be some ridiculous issue that’s causing problems for the mayor, which isn’t always the kind of thing that I fully believe is even an exaggeration of real life. I did like that Arpi had a whole diatribe against palm trees and their unnatural presence in Los Angeles prepared, and that Neil unleashed Arpi at exactly the right moment so that he could have her come in and scare them into submission was pretty clever. What he didn’t account for was the resentment that both Arpi and Orly would feel at being used like that, and the fury they would take out on him by embarrassing him with a TikTok video that I don’t think I’m supposed to quite understand. I enjoyed seeing a few familiar faces, including Ed Begley Jr. as Chet Danville and Benito Martinez, who I remember best from his role as Captain Aceveda on “The Shield,” as the former mayor who definitely isn’t over all the trauma he endured while he was in office. Jayden announcing that he was going to be a father did feel like it came from out of nowhere, and though they claim disinterest, Mikaela and Tommy sprang into action to prove to him that he was being played, even though it seems like that baby might have been a lot better off with him as a dad instead of Zac Efron’s trainer. It’s nice to see them to do something partially kind for Jayden given that he’s such a relentlessly-tormented punching bag who doesn’t even get that he’s the butt of almost every joke.

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