Sunday, February 14, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dickinson

Dickinson: Season 2, Episode 8 “I'm Nobody! Who are you?” (B+)

There wasn’t much explanation for why it was that no one could see Emily on what could have been the biggest day of her life, but that device did work well to, as Nobody suggested to her, provide a rare opportunity to see what people really thought of her. Lavinia, as usual, was kindest, though her praise of Emily’s work was the latest example of an intellectual divide between her and Ship that now appears to have ended their relationship. Most seemed favorable at first and then turned very sour, and Emily’s disappointment was understandable given how much of herself she’s poured into this. Nobody was far less haunting than he often is, and Emily seemed very comfortable with the reappearance of Death, a character we used to see regularly who hasn’t been present at all this season. I almost immediately recognized Nick Kroll under that facial hair as Edgar Allan Poe, who turned out to be much vainer and less sophisticated that Emily would have hoped. The biggest and most crucial revelation was saved for last, after she could finally see Sue after this trying and difficult day. The brilliant way in which that devastating scene was staged made it seem like Sue knew Emily was there, and that she was looking right at her in a moment of passion. Emily has her own feelings for Samuel, but knowing that Sue is betraying her supposed friend Mary and getting something else out of this relationship is going to drive a wedge between them that won’t be easy to repair, and Emily could use support at this moment that she’s certainly not going to get authentically from Sue.

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