Friday, February 26, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 6 “Sunday Dinner” (B)

It’s fun to see the family dynamics play out and have them not be entirely resolved, like the fact that Jean is awful to Celia and wasn’t so thrilled about having her as a permanent addition when Freddie made his feelings known by proposing to her. Celia’s assessment that her being “Iowa funny” meant that she was “California mean” was accurate, and giving her a recipe to show her that she was now part of the family was about as generous a gesture as she’s likely to make. I’m glad that we finally met Hank and that he wasn’t as old as even Jackie kept making him out to be, instead revealing a bigger issue that Jackie has with not being able to end relationships without the help of her mother or some other artificial excuse. Tim Bagley, a familiar face from “Monk” and “Will and Grace” and a current recurring player on “Call Me Kat,” was a perfect casting choice to play the man who set himself up for failure repeatedly by making dated references and would evidently have been a much better fit for Jean, though Jackie nixed the possibility of that happening pretty definitively. Danny going to a wedding with his not-so-ex-wife did not seem like a smart plan, especially when it meant cancelling on plans with Jean, but she was so caught up in other things when he got back that she didn’t even realize that she was passionately kissing him “on his mouth,” as he put it. It’s still hard to know where their romance will go, but this was a fun development.

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