Tuesday, February 2, 2021

What I’m Watching: Your Honor

Your Honor: Season 1, Episode 8 “Part Eight” (B-)

All of this continues to be so fake, and it’s hard to believe that anything Michael says is meant to be genuine. The sympathy he expressed for Sara’s situation was particularly laughable, and speaking to the jury about how the constitution was on the wall before he got there felt very preachy. Making such a big deal about how the case needed to be secretive was an obvious stunt so that he could hurt it, and assuring a juror that, even though she was being removed from the case, it was still going to go her way felt like a serious breach of any morality he has left (not that he minds, but she can use it against him later). Jimmy is being extremely obvious about checking in with Michael, showing up publicly at a restaurant and giving him a cell phone with direct access to him, both of which feel like irresponsible tactics that could get Michael thrown off the case long before he’s about to somehow let Rocco off with a lighter sentence despite the mountain of evidence against him. I’m not sure if Fiona or Lee will stand up to Michael first, though Nancy might get herself hurt given her eagerness to spell her name for Jimmy. As if this wasn’t enough to worry about, Adam lying to Frannie has now gotten her jealous, and I think she’s going to mess things up with Fia in a way that has more disastrous consequences both for him and his father.

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