Thursday, February 25, 2021

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 5, Episode 9 “The Ride” (B+)

I do find the rare opportunities that the adult Pearson children have to interact with their father more moving than I expect, since I have accused this show of being emotionally manipulative in the past with its flashback and flash-forward sequences. In this case, it all worked well, and Kevin getting to hear from Jack that it would all be okay was just what he needed after both new fathers lost their tempers at other people while their partners were significantly calmer under pressure. I thought that Kevin was imagining paparazzi on his tail, but I liked that it turned out to be true and Madison was fine with promising him a photo opportunity for a shirtless Kevin jogging with tight shorts. Jack asking Rebecca to drive and then telling her what he had done was a relief since that could have gone very badly, though it’s harder to get invested in that plotline since we know how their relationship ends. Kate seemed much more shaken by the news that her open adoption wasn’t going to play out like she thought than by Toby telling her he had been laid off, and at least it’s a relief that they can get through their own issues together. Randall and Beth were so much more relaxed after their second child was born, but naturally it turned into more than Beth just wanting Dairy Queen and ended up as an argument about Randall’s ill-timed desire for a third child. The ending scene confirmed that Deja is pregnant in the future but not much more than that, and I’m curious to see if we’ll ever get a much fuller and more uninterrupted visit to that time.

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