Friday, February 12, 2021

What I’m Watching: Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 5 “Dating Jean” (B+)

While I do think that Jean and Danny would make a good couple, it’s almost more satisfying to see them at such sarcastic odds with each other, standing on ceremony after their legitimate excuses for cancelling on each other led them to concoct other reasons for not being available when they actually would have been. I appreciated the casting of Dave Foley as a perfectly nice guy who lived his life as a freegan, something that seemed far more elegant than what might typically be the case since he frequented a fancy farmer’s market where all the samples looked quite appetizing. That Jean decided to stick it out and spend an evening with him was probably good for her, especially because she came home knowing that she wasn’t going to proceed further but content with the choice to give it a try. Danny arguing with him over the ownership of his lemons was a funny moment. I was also happy to see Erick Lopez from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” as Victor, the man who got Lane to commit to a weekend trip to Palm Springs much more enthusiastically than he had expected. Freddie and Celia reached a good moment when he showed her his bad-idea tattoo and she expressed a satisfaction with the two of them being a good match. I do hope that we see Jackie’s elderly boyfriend at some point soon since that joke might end up becoming tiresome, and the snippy way she responds to everyone else’s love life problems will surely force her to confront her own eventually.

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