Sunday, July 3, 2022

Take Three: Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel: Season 1, Episode 3 “Destined” (B+)

Kamala learned a good deal about the Djinn and was eager to have her questions answered, but she also didn’t realize just how serious things were going to get when she wasn’t sure whether she was going to help them or not. Kamran showed up to her brother’s wedding with a stern warning, one that came almost too late as the wedding still got disrupted and people got hurt. But fortunately she did act fast and setting off the fire alarm saved most of them, and Kamran established himself as a fierce ally even if that puts him very much at odds with his mother. I don’t quite understand why they didn’t bother to fight back when the Department of Damage Control showed up to arrest them considering they were going to kill everyone at the wedding, but I’m sure that will soon be revealed. Nakia was able to defend the mosque from being searched by Agent Deever without a warrant and win her election, but now she’s going to resent Kamala for not being honest with her about her newfound powers. I liked that Muneeba told Kamala that whatever mountain she was facing, she didn’t have to do it alone, even though she would never feel comfortable opening up to her. I also enjoyed Yusuf’s enthusiasm to help Bruno translate what he was reading about the Djinn, something he’s likely to learn too much about before Kamala opens up to her. But I’m sure things will all be thrown off by a spontaneous trip to Karachi, which should be eventful!

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