Thursday, July 7, 2022

What I’m Watching: Loot

Loot: Season 1, Episode 4 “Excitement Park” (B+)

It’s not a surprise that Molly had no idea that she owned most of the theme parks in the Philippines, and it’s really just inconvenient press that one of them got stuck upside down for hours, theoretically under her watch. Arthur was sweet to offer to go through all of her assets, and the “First American Heritage” name for the art museum was a red flag that turned out to be nothing. But the flirtation that had been apparent earlier got even more intense, but it reached the point that they got noticed by paparazzi and described as an item. Molly greatly overcorrected to ensure that there weren’t any misconceptions, no longer laughing at his jokes when he came into her office, but that package she had sent back before she started worrying about such things was indicative of how she felt. Arthur isn’t likely to forget those feelings either, which should create plenty of tension around the office. Sofia wasn’t happy to have her zoning meeting hijacked by questions about Molly’s involvement, but hopefully that attention will still mean more focus on the project, with ideally just the right level of contribution in terms of unqualified support from Molly and little else. Nicholas and Howard’s friendship has continued to blossom, much to Nicholas’ horror, but Howard did manage to motivate his new buddy into going in for the audition and then turning around to really give it a shot when he tried to bail early before actually trying.

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