Thursday, July 7, 2022

What I’m Watching: Physical

Physical: Season 2, Episode 5 “Don’t You Want to Watch” (B+)

It definitely does not seem like Tyler for him to sit on something for four months, but it turns out that he brought the tape up at exactly the right moment to help bring Bunny back from a desolate and angry place. It’s important never to underestimate people in service positions who may or may not take their burgers in and out of the trash and eat them off the floor. Following Mary around gave them plenty of fuel for their anti-wealth tirade, but when they saw her crying, they realized that she shouldn’t be the target. It’s not as if things are going much better for Sheila, who’s having to contend with men thinking that she doesn’t know what’s best for her brand. Vinnie has a more open-minded attitude, even if it’s a bit too freeing and not likely to help her actually be serious. I was shocked to recognize Anna Gunn, best known for playing Skyler White on “Breaking Bad,” as Marika, Vinnie’s roommate, business partner, and apparent lover. Coming home to find Danny teaching Maya how to throw knives explicitly because it’s dangerous was not what she needed, and now she’s officially being blackmailed by two people she used to consider close friends. I’m curious whether Breem would help out if she went to him, but he’s also dealing with his own stuff. Danny’s not going to be much help, more interested in his own vision of protesting than actually creating any sort of change if it doesn’t align with his perspective.

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