Monday, July 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Tehran

Tehran: Season 2, Episode 7 “Betty” (B+)

They came so close to pulling it off without anyone thinking that something had happened, since Mohammadi’s death would have been ruled an accident the same way that Peyman’s untimely demise will likely be because the car malfunctioned thanks to Milad’s interference. But the idea of having him ram his father’s car off the road didn’t work so well because both father and son tried to accommodate for his apparent car trouble, which resulted in Peyman going flying off the cliff to his death. If he believes it was an accident, that shouldn’t be all too problematic for Tamar and for the Mossad, but Faraz knows their involvement and might be upset enough about their decision to kill Peyman to do something about it. Tamar seemed most broken up by the idea, not ready to even consider that as Milad was all for it, and now that it didn’t work, his willingness to risk Peyman’s life - and then ultimately be responsible for ending it - is going to be a sticking point in their relationship, which comes at a bad time given that she just professed her love for him. The real question is whether they’re going to try to figure out another way to go after Mohammadi while he’s vulnerable and not necessarily on the lookout for elements working against him since he doesn’t believe he’s been targeted. After this action-packed hour, I’m sure the finale will be just as tense and eventful. There’s still no word on a season three, but I have a feeling there will be another mission in the cards for Tamar, wherever she ends up.

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