Saturday, December 3, 2022

What I’m Watching: Home Economics

Home Economics: Season 3, Episode 9 “Sunday New York Times, $6” (B+)

It’s fun seeing characters confront things they’re not used to, like Tom being happy with nothing to worry about for a few hours and Denise contending with her parents actually getting along. Marina got quickly upset with Tom’s need to jump back into worry mode after their sex-on-cash didn’t go as planned, and he absolutely sucked all joy out of the hot tub purchase he made. I enjoyed his listing of rules that got the kids to give up trying to go in it, and how everyone got so mad at Gretchen for asking him to explain the verbal warning system again. The concept of laughing not being allowed because it could be mistaken for screaming was also hilarious. Having Marina do the work she wanted was a sweet gesture, though now he’s going to be haunted by the time she’s spending with Eddie Cibrian’s Santiago. Denise was ready to pounce on her parents for acting weird, and Connor sharing that her mom came up as a match for him sent her head spinning. The best part of that whole plotline was Denise reluctantly letting her father know that the photo with the banjo was not going to get him swipes. I also appreciated her trying not to process Connor sharing that he was trying something new by keeping the age filter off, and that, upon Denise acknowledging that he was giving her a lot to think about for a change, he wanted her to text Sarah to say that he was being super smart and sensitive.

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