Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top 15 New Shows of 2015: #5

My annual TV Awards, the AFT Television Awards, are given out during the summer. But this year, during both the spring and the fall, produced a large number of impressive new television series. As 2015 closes out and 2016 begins, here’s a look back at the best new shows of the year.

I did not expect this show to be one of my favorites of the fall when I saw poster advertisements, and part of that was because I had no idea that it was a musical. This may well be the most inventive show currently on television, painting its protagonist as wildly insane but also so focused in her obsession that she’s impossible not to watch. Rachel Bloom is a delight as the zany Rebecca, and she’s surrounded by a great group of actors who sing and dance a lot as this show, which is so much better than it should be, continue producing extraordinarily entertaining episodes. And the music is catchy too!

Best Episode: “I’m Going on a Date with Josh’s Friend!
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