Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: Transparent

Transparent: Season 2, Episode 2 “Flicky-Flicky Thump-Thump” (B+)

I liked this episode a lot more than last week’s, even though things are pretty far out at the moment as they relate to almost every plotline. It’s strange to see Maura and Shelly essentially in a relationship, and it’s most troubling because Maura is definitely not invested in the way that her ex-wife is, choosing not to receive pleasure back from her in the bathroom and to disregard her flirtatious invitation to come sit next to her at the party. Ending the episode with Maura looking at herself in the mirror and dancing at the club was very effective, and it’s clear that she’s headed to a place of greater self-awareness, but it may not be with a lot of the people in her life. Ali is also going in the right direction, making amends with Syd and possibly headed towards a romance with her old best friend who shared some feelings with her that Ali didn’t quite reciprocate. Being pregnant and having her boyfriend’s teenage son move in with them does seem to be a bit much for Rabbi Raquel to take, and while she seems to be dealing with it pretty well, I’m concerned that Josh is oblivious to it seeming daunting. Sarah actually seems the most put-together at the moment, coping well with a drunk Tammy showing up to crash the party and then being the one to drive her mother home. With the way things currently stand, it’s going to be quite a tumultuous and involving season.

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