Friday, December 18, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Affair

The Affair: Season 2, Episode 11 (B+)

I just wrote in my review of “The Good Wife” that Josh Stamberg pulled double duty this past Sunday night showing up in major roles on two shows I watch. Max has always been a good guy, treating Helen right and even trying to take care of his old friend Noah. His pal doesn’t reciprocate his kind heart, and naturally Noah would feel it necessary to take out his panic and fury about Alison lying to him on Max by telling him that he’s always been jealous of him and railing at him for sleeping with his ex-wife. No wonder Max was motivated to testify against him, likely not making anything up but not inclined to protect a man who has never appreciated anything that was given to him. Having the episode split between Cole and Noah’s perspectives was very effective, and also helped to make Alison a more elusive character who suddenly showed up as a big part of Cole’s life again and slowly started disappearing from Noah’s. It’s a small world on this show, and Luisa’s mother working for Helen’s monster mother brought things too close to home in a way that threatened to unravel their whole relationship. There’s just one episode left this season, but this show should be in no hurry to wrap up its storylines as it has been very deservedly renewed for a third season. I’m of the opinion that this season has been just as good as season one, and unlike timeslot companion “Homeland,” this show should keep going for a while.

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