Saturday, December 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 10 “Quantico” (C)

This episode continues events in the same direction that they’ve been headed all along, becoming more and more ridiculous thanks to an influx of extra twists and the continued public affairs of the FBI trainees. Back in the past, putting recruits like Nathalie on trial in front of the entire group and having her future be judged with them all watching seemed more than excessive, especially given the reason that she was fabricating her scar. I also have to take serious issue with the notion of Simon being implicated by his peers simply because of his service in the Israeli Defense Forces. While the situation in the Middle East may be controversial, especially in the world of Hollywood, having served in the army of a top ally would definitely not be so damning for employees of a government intelligence agency. I’m not sure why Simon thought that planning a twin bomb threat and making sure that it wouldn’t actually work was a good idea, since now it appears that it led to the real thing being carried out with no planned flaws and his abduction for figuring that out. The reason he got kicked out of the academy also seemed rather trivial given everything else that’s happened. You’d think that an intelligence agency would think to make sure its doors were locked or guarded when they were spying on their own people, and that stupid policy has now led to everyone hating Alex even though they know that she’s innocent. Now we’re back at square one with no real leads, though maybe a few major hints will be dropped in the upcoming mid-season finale.

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