Thursday, December 17, 2015

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 5, Episode 11 “Our Man in Damascus” (C)

Well, there’s just one episode left in this season, and I can’t imagine how anything is going to be tied up in a coherent way in the finale. Allison has gone completely off the rails at this point, and she’s not really helping anyone by derailing the efforts of the good guys to prevent a major terrorist attack which may not be happening at all because of the reluctance of one terrorist to go through with his part of it. It’s clear that there is no better way to make a suspect talk than by executing another agent right in front of him, but he paid for his information with his life, and Allison shot herself too just for good measure. I can’t comprehend why she was just walking around as if she would be trustworthy, and then she was left alone to be able to escape from the hospital after she still hadn’t been cleared by the FBI of wrongdoing. Speaking of not supervising people, it seems absurd that a suspect in the middle of interrogation who had been seized publicly after trying to come in on his own would be by himself in a room with a window that could easily allow him a different kind of exit. It’s especially terrible given Laura went on national television to demand the dead man’s release or she would leak all the remaining classified CIA documents. Quinn coughed up a whole lot of blood when Carrie and Saul tried to shock his body into consciousness, and it doesn’t look like anyone is headed for a happy ending, even the terrorists!

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