Monday, December 7, 2015

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 2, Episode 12 “Other Things You Could Be Doing” (B+)

A week off from this show didn’t change much, and Gretchen started off still in the same awful state she’s been in recently, to the point that she didn’t even speak to Jimmy and instead insisted on texting him while he was a few feet away. Starting the episode off with Jimmy ready to have sex with Nina only to be grossed out by her toes and find the excitement postponed to a more romantic location made it seem like Jimmy was completely ready to abandon Gretchen. Yet that was anything but the case, as he had all of her friends come over to try to cheer her up, which of course did nothing at all. But then he realized that he had to stay, prompting a hilarious attempt to hide from Nina, resulting in a perfect use of “New phone, who dis?” and a furious response from her. Gretchen’s overwhelmed and joyous reaction to him staying was great, and I’m glad that he got to see how he did the right thing. Lindsay is out on her own planet as usual, but at least she’s moving forward, though things may be about to change in a big and irreversible way. Edgar did great in his show, and it was nice that Colleen coached him through the disappointment of Jimmy not showing up. The two of them moving in together is a great decision, though I’m sure it won’t be nearly as easy or pleasant as it’s been made to seem so far, particularly because it will leave Jimmy and Gretchen alone with a cook or a good person in the house.

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