Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Affair (Season Finale)

The Affair: Season 2, Episode 12 (B+)

This show has raised a lot of questions so far about what really happened on that fateful night which prompted season one’s questions and season two’s murder trial, and this episode provided there very important answers that aren’t up for debate, confirmed in some way by both Noah and Alison in their recollections and experiences. The first is that Noah is not the father of the baby he was raising, and Noah remembered being told about it by Allison in a much gentler way than her memory suggested. Scotty’s musical performance was an unexpected treat, and what an intense, layered scene it was as he sang directly to Allison thinking that it was their baby when all signs (and a paternity test) actually point to his brother. Allison being present at the scene of the crime and claiming to have pushed Scotty into the road right before he got hit complicates things, and shame on Noah for nearly throwing Allison under the bus by having the detective called who would have eviscerated her. And then there’s the big bombshell – Helen was the one driving the car. Noah did ask her to do it after she said that she wasn’t fit to drive, but she also would have kept going had Noah not insisted that it wasn’t an animal that she had hit. Noah telling Allison that he couldn’t let Helen take the fall because she was the mother of his children stung a lot, and I think that’s going to carry over to next season. Noah standing up to confess to the crime so that neither of the women in his life would have to go to jail for him was noble but stupid, and there’s no way that plays out well. This has been a great season with an exceptional renewed focus on the four main characters, and I’m eager to see season three and where it goes, especially now that we’ve pretty much caught up to the future.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Maura Tierney as Helen

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