Thursday, December 17, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 7, Episode 10 “KSR” (B-)

It’s always interesting to me to see an actor appear in more than one show in a single night. Presumably, Josh Stamberg didn’t know that his appearance here as a man who wrote grotesque things about rape fantasies online would air just an hour before a pivotal episode for his recurring character on “The Affair,” but that’s how it played out. Stamberg is usually smug but likeable, and the way he reacted to being convicted for a crime he never committed certainly cried out for empathy. The fact that the verdict was overturned by the world’s most corrupt judge and the most despicable character on television is a bigger deal, since now Alicia might technically be seen as being in cahoots with the judge who responded to her accusing him of nearly taking a bribe by handing her a victory on a silver platter. Alicia didn’t keep her feelings to herself this episode, lashing out at a bewildered Eli for having Jason sent away while he reeled from his sudden dismissal from Courtney’s life. The latest associate coup at Lockhart and Co was far less dramatic than the last one, but Cary and Diane handled it in the most cutthroat way possible, ensuring that their traitorous former employees couldn’t go on to their dream jobs as planned. This show isn’t taking a long break this year, returning in less than a month, and I’m hoping for a bit more focused direction in the coming year with an eye to legal matters more than politics and a return to what this show used to be.

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