Monday, December 7, 2015

What I’m Watching: Arrow (Special Review)

Arrow: Season 4, Episode 8 “Legends of Yesterday” (B)

Those paying attention will note that this is the first time I’ve reviewed (or watched) this show in nearly three years. When I sat down to watch “The Flash” and heard the announcement “Previously on The Flash...and Arrow,” I realized that I might be out of the loop if I didn’t tune in, even more so than past minor crossovers. I’m glad I did, because, despite the hokey nature of the plotline involving ancient Egyptians and the like, there was some seriously good material related to the show I do watch on a regular basis. I like that Barry running past himself and ghosting indicates to him that he’s going to time-travel, and that on this show it means that he’s going to experience the bad version of events that prompted him to go back in time, at which point he’ll fix everything and make it much better. That he did, and the best part was Cisco coaching Kendra on how to peacefully draw on her memories and make her wings sprout rather than channel her rage as her immortal companion had her do. It’s concerning that Malcolm appears to have ensured that Savage will live on, but hopefully that will be a problem for this show and not mine. I’m not sad that I stopped watching this show, but I am intrigued by what brief snapshots of its universe I’ve seen and think that I could enjoy getting to know these characters and all their alter egos a bit.

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