Friday, December 18, 2015

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 1, Episode 8 “Hostile Takeover” (B)

This show is getting to be a bit repetitive in certain ways, and making great strides in others. I feel like just recently there was a prisoner being held in a supposedly secure location by the DEO and he was actually just biding his time and ending up exactly where he wanted to be, and that’s just what evil Aunt Astra did in this hour. Yet it’s more complex than that, since apparently Astra fancies herself a true defender of Krypton, able to see that her planet was in peril and that her sister was doing nothing to stop its decay and destruction. The corresponding storyline that took some of Kara’s attention away was considerably more light-hearted, and involved some entertaining intrepid detective work on James’ behalf, with a useful assist from Lucy, who came in quite handy with her legal skills. It’s strange when we feel like we should be rooting for Cat when she’s such an awful boss who doesn’t value the people who work tirelessly under her, but she had a surprise up her sleeve in this episode that I didn’t see coming. I like that she figured out that Kara was Supergirl all on her own without any big moment to reveal it, and that she simply thanked her for doing what she had been doing. I suspect things will change but I’m not so sure, since I feel like Cat won’t try to exploit her or treat her too differently, but instead will know to rely on her now that she’s actually taken the time to look at her and really see her.

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